Section 1 was about covering the basics of journaling - and the basics of journaling in Roam.

In Section 2 we'll show you some techniques that go with Roam like butter on the biscuits my grandmother used to make.

I'll show you how I set up my interstitial journals to help me track focus time.

We'll also talk about how I use an attribute to force myself to make a list of ridiculously easy next steps as I'm facing a challenging task or project.

Plus, I'll show you a simple workflow - powered by Readwise - that helps with setting in motion ideas and concepts your past self once thought worth remembering.

Also, a fine fellow I once interviewed on my Reboots Podcast gave me a set of 3 questions designed to help me gain clarity when I'm feeling stuck. We'll look at Tom Lambotte's Clarity Break questions.

So, let's get started, shall we?