Roaman Journaling for Self-Awareness & Growth Course by Tracy L Winchell

Roaman Journaling for Self-Awareness & Growth Course

WELCOME, #RoamCult!
This course is designed for users of Roam Research, which is a tool for networked thought.

Are YOU one of millions struggling to keep up?

These are tough times, which means self-awareness is much more important than it was "back in the old days" when life was so much more predictable.

I'm Tracy Winchell

Several years ago, my life was in shambles because I had been trying to control outcomes that life hands us sometimes - death of loved ones, job loss, selling the home I’d lived in for 20 years, starting a new business and deciding it wasn’t for me, and starting over with a new business model.

You probably know what I'm talking about, right? 

Changes coming at you faster than you can keep up, and you’re trying to hold everything together while you rage at what cannot be controlled?

Then you know EXACTLY who was on the losing end of my attempts to avoid the unavoidable pains that life brings us.

A global pandemic and cries for social justice are producing all sorts of change - emotionally, economically, and socially.

Lanes of Change

Reinhold Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer talks about acceptance, surrender, having the courage to change what we can (mostly self), and how hardship is a pathway to peace -- and the expectation of reasonable happiness.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

It’s truly simple -- but not easy.

At the center of the process?


A series of choices and events led me to recovery.

  • Finding a community of people who accepted me exactly as I was.
  • Reciting American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr's Prayer for Serenity.
  • Working the 12 steps of recovery for unresolved grief, anger, and resentment - the principles of which are found in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).
  • Embracing the concept of gratitude in my daily life.

Journaling products galore

Over the past 7 years or so, I've tried all sorts of journaling techniques to help me root out the sources of anger, resentment, and my relationships with God, others, and my past self.

Have you tried journaling?

Do you feel guilty about quitting, or not starting in the first place?

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve purchased the most beautiful digital journaling apps like Day One, Bear, Drafts for iPhone, or voice-to-text dictation apps.

Have you tried setting goals like writing morning pages for x minutes or y words per day, only to break that chain after the first day?

Journaling STUFF

And if you love paper, pens, and pencils like me, I’ll bet you have drawers and shelves filled with fancy notebooks, writing instruments, and all the things that go with your writing collection.

Seriously, you should see my INDEX CARD stash. It’s RIDICULOUS.

Have you gone nuts over productivity journals like the 5 Minute Journal, Best Self Journal and Michael Hyatt's Full Focus Planner?

Yeah, me too.

Dear Citizens, Enter Roam

The truth is, all of these journaling techniques work -- when we work them consistently.

Journaling works BEST when we work and REFLECT consistently

THAT'S where Roam outperforms EVERY form of journaling I've ever tried.

As a Citizen of Roam, you’re sold on Roam’s ability to take whatever notes you throw at the database and to help you make sense of your thoughts, your writing, and ideas from other people.

If you’re like many new Roam users, you’re probably asking how you can leverage the power of Roam into deeper and more meaningful conversations between past self, current self, and future self - because that’s the true power of journaling, right?

The review part helps us celebrate growth, unlock potentially dangerous patterns of thought and behavior, and set high standards for our future selves.

But that’s difficult, isn’t it? Certainly journaling with pen and paper makes it impossible to review by keyword. 

Digital journaling is definitely reviewable by keywords and phrases, but who takes time for that? (Not me!)

Journaling inside Roam offers us powerful tools for tagging and scheduling reviews for our future selves, but it can almost be overwhelming to learn a new writing process. You know the capability is in there somewhere, but your energies are directed toward learning the basics of Roam
and, you know, living in a pandemic. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Author Ryan Holiday writes beautifully about the journaling habits of Marcus Aurelius. That he wrote such profound truths about self, his relationship to others, and the world around is is remarkable. 

To understand that the Roman emperor wrote such things in the midst of chaos is difficult to imagine.

What kind of life might you enjoy if you could learn to calm your mind through journaling? Even in the midst of a pandemic?

Yes! I'm ready to get started.

Roman Journaling

In the first and second century A.D. Marcus Aurelius was among wealthy Romans who began the practice of intense self-reflection.
His habit gave us Meditations. 

Perhaps more importantly, Aurelius' commitment to personal growth through self-awareness gave the world one of the finest examples of leadership and being fully human.

Can you IMAGINE what Marcus Aurelius might have done with a Roam database? Which of HIS writings would he schedule for his future self to read?

I’d like to think he would have encouraged his future self to remain calm, to reject fear, and to give himself the confidence to “discard” anxiety as he had done before. After all, that was the entire purpose for his writings - self-awareness and growth.

So nope! I did NOT misspell Roaman.

In this course you learn to take the best of Marcus Aurelius, apply it to 2020 technology, and celebrate the community that is #RoamCult.

Roaman Journaling for Self-Awareness and Growth likely won't make you an emperor. There aren't all that many job openings for emperors these days. 😀

What Roaman Journaling will do for you:

  • Introduce you to ideas for using your existing daily habits inside your Roam database that help you improve self-awareness and behavior changes you want to make.
  • Provide several different journaling techniques, scripts, and prompts that have helped me and my clients in a number of areas, like the ones listed below.
Start Roaman Journaling Now

An outcomes-based course

We offer assessments and personal interaction as you work the assignments so that instead of trying to do all the things, you focus on one tiny journaling habit that you can experiment with until you find something that moves the needle for you.

👀 Identify sources of your stress and anxiety.

🏋️‍♂️ Implement action plans for what to do WHEN you're particularly stressed so that you and your community can help break the cycle of anxiety (In conjunction with your mental health team, if applicable). -- h/t to Lukas @CortexFutura and his course, Galaxy Brain.

🗣 Uncover patterns of negative self talk - and lies you tell yourself without even realizing it.

✌🏻 Introduce techniques that help you make peace with your past.

🙏🏻 Break through your mental and emotional logjams caused by perfectionism, procrastination, and fear.

🔑 Create a ridiculously simple system for implementing a gratitude practice in your life, whatever your situation.

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How will you use Roam's brain-bending power to bring about a better YOU?

Roaman Journaling for Self-Awareness & Growth leverages the power of networked thoughts between our past and current selves as a tool for becoming the person you want to be.

The course uses science-based habits, prompts, and reflections, as well as the wisdom of ancient Stoic philosophy and Jesus of Nazareth.

The program leverages powerful features available specifically for Roam users to help us create custom diagnostics that instruct, encourage, and influence our future selves. 
Let's TOTALLY do this!

What people are saying

As an emotional health coach, I am addicted to healthy people. Tracy Winchell is one of the healthiest people I know. I'm convinced that one of the reasons she's so well integrated (mind/body/spirit) is because of her journaling practice.
Tracy is deeply self-aware and committed to incremental, lasting change.
If Tracy's teaching a course, you can bet I'm signing up.

Steve Austin, Author/Speaker/Coach
Tracy is amazing. Her direction and tips for journaling and gratitude have changed my perspective on life.

Tracy has created and developed several journaling techniques that have transformed not only my own journaling practice, but have been incredibly useful for many of my clients - most notably the “note to next day self” and her guides to gratitude journaling.
Ada Floyd

Ada Floyd, Mental Health Counselor


  • A "Basics" section covering Daily Notes templates for Morning Pages and Evening Reviews.
  • An "Action!" section showcasing journaling techniques designed to measure and improve focus, discover mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks that thwart creativity.
  • A "Making Journaling Fit" section designed to help you grow your practice instead of trying to fit someone else's practice fit your needs.
  • A Journaling Library that will continue to grow.
  • A growing Resources Library, featuring additional practices related to Roam, self-awareness, personal improvement, and productivity.
  • Lifetime access to the Roaman Journaling course
  • Lifetime access to the RoamCult Journals community
  • Access to course updates based on community interest and new discoveries.


  • Access to a public Roam graph containing the templates we use in video demonstrations
  • Coaching via email and chat for the first 30 days of the program.
  • TextExpander snippets used in the video demonstrations

Refund Policy

This product provides the tools, confidence, and motivation to help you learn to consistently journal in Roam for self-awareness and growth. 

We’re here to provide accountability, encouragement, and support. 

Therefore, we are prepared to offer a full refund within 10 days of purchase.
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What the heck is Roam Research?

This course is designed specifically for Roam Database users.

Still, the journaling techniques I teach in this course are applicable to more standard journaling methods. I've used pen and paper (notebooks galore) and all sorts of digital tools for journaling. In fact, most of the journaling techniques taught inside this Roaman Journaling course were developed using a pen and a notebook.

Here's more about Roam.

Here's a link to sign up for a Roam Research account.

You talk about the 12 steps of recovery and the Sermon on the Mount. What if I don't believe in God, or maybe I'm not sure if there is such a thing? Are you going to try to convince me I'm wrong or you're right?

Nope. This isn’t a debate about religion. In my personal experience with navigating change, God is a huge part of my journey, so I can’t not talk about that. Lots of people have learned to navigate change outside the constructs of faith, and I believe you can do that, too. In __Stillness is the Key, __Ryan Holiday writes about his struggle with faith and how someone who doesn’t believe in God learns to believe in and trust some sort of Higher Power larger than herself. Essentially, all faiths and no faiths are welcome here - without judgment and without trying to convince you of anything regarding faith.

What if I'm not interested in going through all the lessons? Can I pick and choose which modules are of most interest to me?

Sure thing! The entire course is unlocked when you purchase. It’s possible that when you complete your first assessment worksheet you’ll see a problem you’d like to address immediately. You will be able to do just that.

How many modules are in the course?

3 modules plus two libraries.

Module 1: Getting Started
Module 2: Journaling for Productivity
Module 3: Journaling for Mental Health & Relationships

Library 1: Journaling Library - techniques based on new discoveries and new questions from fellow Roaman journalers

Library 2: Conversations Library - video conversations with fellow Roaman journalers

What's included?


Welcome to Roaman Journaling for Self-Awareness and Growth
Section 1: Beginnings
Daily Notes: Templates
Morning Pages
Daily Reflection
My TextExpander Snippet Library
Section 2: Productivity -- Taking Action
Interstitial journaling for clarity and focus
Forcing Clarity: NEXT UP
Ideas to Action Using Readwise
3-Question Clarity Break h/t Tom Lambotte
Section 3: Wellbeing -- Mental Health + Relationships
Writing a Note to Your Next Day Self
💥 NEW! Step 10 Spot Check Inventory
💥 NEW! Gratitude Scripting
💥 NEW! Managing Anxiety with a Daily HEART Check h/t John Baker
Gratitude Scripting Resources
EXTRA: Journaling Library
💥 NEW! [[3 Things]]
EXTRA: Conversations
Atomic Journaling with Brandon Toner
Roaman Journals Panel Discussion