Inside Brandon Toner's Roaman Journal
September 01, 2020
Greetings, Roaman!

What if we had a community a little more private than Twitter where we could gather to discuss how we journal, what we'd like to accomplish with our practice, where we struggle, and to share Eureka! moments through our self-reflection?

Wouldn't that be grand?

Well, thanks to our friends Francis Miller and Ramses Oudt with RoamStack, a RoamStack membership includes access to a community forum.

Here's a link to check out RoamStack.

Meanwhile, there are so many cool conversations happening on Twitter surrounding journaling, we thought it might be fun to invite guests into a video chat where they will share their Roaman Journals.

Our first guest is Brandon Toner.

He's in the early stages of a practice he calls, "Atomic Journaling."

Follow Brandon on Twitter at @brandontoner.

Check the video.

Here's the transcription.

This is a link to Brandon's public graph.
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