Using Roam to Crush Self-Doubt
August 15, 2020

Steven Pressfield says self-doubt is our friend.

I disagree.

Self-doubt and negative self-talk have long been obstacles in my ability to try new and difficult things in my life.

Last year I wrote a guest post for Shawn Blanc, outlining how I butchered his "The Note" technique quite serendipitously.

Here's a link, in case you'd like to read more of the background.

During a recent Reboots Podcast interview, I asked Dr. Benjamin Hardy about why he thinks this process is so effective.

Here's a quick excerpt:

It's something you can influence and so I think narrating the past is just as interesting as narrating the future

So I think that's big and, you know, choosing how you relate to your former self -- choosing how you relate to -- one of the big things that I've continued to find is that as a person actually goes to the change process, they become increasingly compassionate and empathetic towards their former self not judgmental.

You got more context, you don't relate to your former self, but you better understand why that person was the way they were

From a psychology perspective, it's really smart for decision making to view your former your current and your future self is three different people.

Here's the full interview.

Early this year, my experimentation with Roam Research took the idea of a note to my next day self to brand new heights and enough people in the Roam Twitter community and in Roam Office Hours sessions have shown interest that I thought it might make sense to create a tutorial.

Why you might write a note to your next day self

  • This is a super-charged method of setting our intention.
  • Learning to separate our today self from our tomorrow self.
  • Summarizing our actions today and how they impact our tomorrow selves.
  • Leaving your next day self breadcrumbs about where to begin tomorrow.
  • Encouraging our next day selves the way we might support a loved one's efforts.
  • Learning to show respect for ourselves.

The proper approach for speaking to yourself

  • We will acknowledge where we blew it today. Quickly, efficiently, and without judgment. Own it.
  • We will not blame others for the mistakes we made today. 
  • If we need to make an amend to ourselves or to someone else, we will offer guidance on how to make it right the next day.
  • We will own victories and translate large and small victories to action steps for our tomorrow selves.
  • We will address the difficult things on our agenda tomorrow and we will encourage our tomorrow selves with empathy and with confidence that our next day selves are up to the task.
  • We will show ample grace for our today selves and our tomorrow selves. 
  • We will address our note with a neutral to affectionate salutation. "Dear (next day) (Name)
  • We will sign our names, "Respectfully" or "Love" (day of the week) (your name)

Let's build your first note to your next day self 

  1. Add [[NTNDS]] to your Daily Notes page format.
  2. As you close your day, write the note using the communication parameters.
  3. Tag the note with tomorrow's date.
  4. Set up your Tomorrow page.
  5. At the top of your tomorrow page, create a block embed.
  6. Type [[NTNDS]] in the double parentheses
  7. When you see the appropriate block, select it.
  8. The next day, when you're ready to work, read the note.

Next Actions

  1. Try this process for a week or so and see if it makes a difference.
  2. Let me know what you think.
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Hi Tracy! I'm still new and learning about Roam, but have just set up my [[NTNDS]] after a week of being off work on holiday. I already know that it will be easy for me to become overwhelmed tomorrow, which means I will be tempted to overwork.
Having thought about my [[NTNDS]] and what success would look like, I've just set up my 3 priorities to focus on and also booked myself into a pilates class at 4:30pm. That way, I have a reason to finish work in the allotted time and finish the day well. I feel I have set up my future self for success!! 😃🙌

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