A reasonable COVID-19 response
March 16, 2020

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Hi friend -

So much has changed in the past 72 hours, yes?

As my friend Chris Benjamin said in his Sunday sermon, we all have emotions about COVID-19 and its impacts on our lives, loved ones, and community.

He explained that it’s important to:
  1. Acknowledge how we feel.
  2. Decide to make daily and moment-by-moment choices to separate our actions from our feelings.
  3. Let others feel how they’re going to feel and to not criticize, judge, or “fix” someone else’s feelings.

Dr. Benjamin is right.

We don’t get to “fix” anyone’s feelings or choices but our own.

It seems to me that half of us don’t trust our government.

The other half doesn’t trust the media.

In fact, we blame the entities we don’t trust.

It’s not getting us anywhere but freaked out, yes?

And maybe we’re letting fear, anger, and exasperation get us sideways with the people we care most about.

If you’re a Christ-follower, and you’re welcome here no matter your spiritual beliefs, perhaps you’ll be guided (as I have been) by Bob Goff’s admonition about responding well to others - even when they’re wrong.

Jesus was right 100% of the time, but when people walked away, they felt seen and loved even when they were flat wrong. Jesus looked past disagreements to the question behind their questions. He saw the fears and insecurities that were driving the behaviors.

Wow, right?

I’ve been listening to you and lots of my friends about how I can help.

One friend encouraged me to re-activate and update my free 30-day gratitude challenge from last November and December.

My thinking is that I’ll do very little editing, but will prepare a daily-ish personal gratitude video log (sans makeup most of the time) to encourage you through the process.

Once I get the new 30-days of gratitude course set up, I’ll let you know.

I’m also putting together a 3 to 4 day a week email series that equips us all with the tools necessary to thrive in environments void of traditional distractions and obligations.

Here are the topics I’ve come up with so far:

  • How to find reputable information about COVID-19
  • When to stop consuming dire news and what to do instead - especially when you're bored or afraid
  • How to navigate your emotions - whether you're fearful of COVID or frustrated with society's irrational response to the pandemic (think toilet paper shortage)
  • How to help others navigate their emotions
  • What to do when you're afraid
  • Spiritual growth and gratitude
  • Tips for maintaining good mental health care/recovery for people who can’t attend a meeting
  • Journaling through COVID-19
  • Why we should be cheering for our governments through COVID-19
  • Why we should be cheering for reputable journalism through COVID-19
  • What’s the difference between news and opinion and why it matters
  • How we learn to trust the institutions we mistrust and why it matters
  • Deciding what we can control and what must be remanded to our Higher Power
  • Why churches matter in the midst of COVID-19
  • How every Christ-follower has an obligation to use this time for spiritual growth so that we’re prepared to comfort and offer hope to the hurting in the aftermath of COVID-19

What topics would
you like me to cover?

These are tough times, and virologists tell us tougher days and weeks are ahead.

The content I’m planning is designed to help each of us take care of ourselves and each other.

If I can be of service to you, please hit reply. I’ll respond.


P.S. WASH YOUR HANDS and please do NOT hoard 🧻!

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