Springtime is on the way!
February 11, 2020
Only baseball nerds like me will understand the impact of a social media feed filled with the swoosh-snap-thwak of bullpen sessions on this, the first day of spring training for pitchers and catchers.

These sounds, coupled with green grass and palm trees framing pitchers playing toss with catchers, are sweet signs that spring is coming, along with another Opening Day of Major League Baseball.

Photo by Jose Morales on Unsplash

I’ve been writing - and hitting publish - a lot lately. 

And it’s mostly heavy stuff.

So I thought today I’d share one of my favorite comedy routines of all-time - Bud Abbot and Lou Costello’s “Who’s on First” routine.

The bit was first performed by the pair in 1937, and in 1999, Time Magazine named the routine the Best Comedy Sketch of the 20th Century according to Wikipedia.

Their timing is impeccable.

The facial expressions are priceless.

Mayhem ensues as the two are trying to have a simple conversation about a baseball team.

Interesting notes from Wikipedia

  • On October 3, 1920, a guy named Allie Watt with the Washington Senators played a game at second base.
  • In September 2007 Chin-lung Hu was a late-season call-up for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Hu, a shortstop, collected a single against the Arizona Diamondbacks, at which point the greatest announcer of all-time, Vin Scully, proclaimed, “Shades of Abbott and Costello, I can finally say, 'Hu is on first base.’”

Interested in more ideas like this?

I typically post a few times a week.

Thanks for reading.

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