Steven Pressfield says self-doubt is our friend.

I disagree.

Self-doubt and negative self-talk have long been obstacles in my ability to try new and difficult…
Greetings, Fellow Roamans --

Pretty excited about a recent conversation I had with Norman Chella of RoamFM. Norm is a terrific interviewer, and he helped…

Grateful for the opportunity to share what I've learned about journaling - and about myself through journaling.

Grateful for Roaman Citizens who have welcomed me…
Greetings, Roaman!

What if we had a community a little more private than Twitter where we could gather to discuss how we journal, what we'd…

No Such Thing as a Mundane Day (Unless You Choose It)

One of my favorite Roam activities is 1:1 calls with fellow Roamans.

Last week…
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