Journaling as a Spiritual Practice by Tracy L Winchell

Journaling as a Spiritual Practice

A mini-course created exclusively for listeners of the Spiritual Life & Leadership Podcast 
with Markus Watson.

Friends of the Spiritual Life & Leadership Podcast

Hey, welcome!

I'm Tracy Winchell - and you found this little course because you listened to a conversation I had with Markus Watson about journaling as a spiritual practice.

Rather than just throw a few downloadable PDFs at you, I thought maybe you'd enjoy a mini-course designed to help you get started.

Please understand, I'm no expert - just a sojourner.

I'm always tinkering with my journaling practice. 

The key is to just get started and keep going.

Inside, you'll find two keystone journaling habits with tools and recommendations for where to start.

It should take LESS THAN TEN MINUTES A DAY - and only 4 days out of every 7 - for you to begin to notice changes in your approach to life.

Ok, I'll hush now.

Come on inside.