Do you have trouble with change?

You're in the right place.

We're building content about: 

  • Habits that help us navigate change
  • Pillars of change navigation
  • The science of change navigation
  • Learning out loud about mindsets, journaling, relationships, 12-steps, and faith

Don't let this cute kid fool you...

Even at this age, she was so opposed to change that - when her folks moved her two hours from her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins - she called her daddy by his first name - for a solid year!

That obstinance didn't change a thing.

I'm that cute kid - all grown up.

I'm Tracy Winchell, host of the Reboots Podcast, where we interview people about the changes they've navigated in life, business, creativity, faith, and recovery.

The guy in the photo with me is WWII hero William O. Darby - a Fort Smith, Arkansas native who liberated Cisterna, Italy.

Until about 8 years ago, I approached change the same way as 4-year-old Tracy...

Obstinately opposed.

Even through:
  • The deaths of my daddy, a close friend, and a close relative
  • Job loss
  • Launching a business

Freedom through change

In 2008, I visited the Newseum in Washington, D. C. where several large pieces of the Berlin Wall were on display.

When I took this photo, I thought my greatest calling was to bring change to others.

Now I understand that my greatest change challenge is inside me.


...I'm learning to embrace change. 

You know what I've learned?

  • Fighting changes that are out of our control is exhausting.
  • Trying to change us for the better without a plan is exhausting.
  • Understanding the difference between what I can change and what I must accept is a learned skill.
  • Developing the courage to change what I can (myself) is a difficult but worthwhile pursuit.

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